not sure*

when there is a bloom

in the heart of spring

that is when the eddies 

of the swirl of life

cause the magic to brew

magic is nothing

other than the juice of being alive

encoded in the ancient language

in the cosmos inside

the seasons of change

adrift in the cycle

of everything is now

and nothing is happening


lady rainbow*faerie godmother 

{Happy Birthday}

Standing on the corner of Wells Fargo and Walmart

Sign in hand

{As You Are/You Are Perfect}

Black Friday, but I wear Black for a different Reason

I see every moment, every tick tock of the clock is a Funeral

A Death, A Goodbye, A Never Going Back, No Time Machine

A piece of Time never again to Exist

Holding my Sign, passerbys in their cars, minding their own business

Nobody expecting this

A reminder that is Welcome by some, 

Read and Rejected by others

I feel the same about both scenarios

A quiet Meditation, Standing still, look at Mountain, shift position

I am Nothing but a sign post

I am Nothing

I like to wear Color, because every Moment is a Birthday

A piece of Time never again to Exist

and this is a reason to Celebrate

never before Experienced

a Moment of Time Brand New

a Present for the Present

up to You to decide what's inside

Happy Birthday!!!

A tear drips down my cheek behind the sunglasses shading my eyes

Nobody sees, only a Woman and a sign, they ask, What is the point?

It feels so good, I smile

Perfectly Private Existence

and for this reason and this reason alone

I'm throwing myself a Birthday Party