{written in honor of my little brother Nathan, aka N8theGR8. he lived, loud and proud, for 25 years. he died in his sleep, peacefully, four years ago. I think he died of addiction and of a whole in his heart that he couldn't figure out how to fill. I miss him so very much, and am so thankful that I'm still alive to Remember him. love you, Hinges.}

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{Happy Birthday}

Standing on the corner of Wells Fargo and Walmart

Sign in hand

{As You Are/You Are Perfect}

Black Friday, but I wear Black for a different Reason

I see every moment, every tick tock of the clock is a Funeral

A Death, A Goodbye, A Never Going Back, No Time Machine

A piece of Time never again to Exist

Holding my Sign, passerbys in their cars, minding their own business

Nobody expecting this

A reminder that is Welcome by some, 

Read and Rejected by others

I feel the same about both scenarios

A quiet Meditation, Standing still, look at Mountain, shift position

I am Nothing but a sign post

I am Nothing

I like to wear Color, because every Moment is a Birthday

A piece of Time never again to Exist

and this is a reason to Celebrate

never before Experienced

a Moment of Time Brand New

a Present for the Present

up to You to decide what's inside

Happy Birthday!!!

A tear drips down my cheek behind the sunglasses shading my eyes

Nobody sees, only a Woman and a sign, they ask, What is the point?

It feels so good, I smile

Perfectly Private Existence

and for this reason and this reason alone

I'm throwing myself a Birthday Party