tree magick*


the tree sees straight to the heart of the matter

finds the icky black oozy mess i've made

pulls me near

whispers through third eye

yanks at the roots

oh, yes she says as she opens the chest to perform open heart surgery.

speaking the truth

the whole truth

and nothing but the truth

dissolving the muck into little bits of nothing much

blinking and forgetting what the problem is while sinking into earth to give my thanks & praises

i skip out of the forest baptized and forgiven


this is tree magick*

<3::: lady rainbow*faerie godmother

not sure*

when there is a bloom

in the heart of spring

that is when the eddies 

of the swirl of life

cause the magic to brew

magic is nothing

other than the juice of being alive

encoded in the ancient language

in the cosmos inside

the seasons of change

adrift in the cycle

of everything is now

and nothing is happening


lady rainbow*faerie godmother 

{Enjoy the Journey}

We are never going to get there

Nowhere to actually get

No Finish Line to cross

So we might as well hold on, throw our heads back, laugh from our bellies, and 

Enjoy The Journey


InterTwingeled* in Love

With Each other as our Favorite Living Creature

Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart

Nothing we can't overcome 

Because You Are Home


Wherever the Journey takes us

I will Observe your Brilliance

Smiling at your Smile

I see now

You are the Sun

I am the Moon

~Aubrey Ixchel