Let me Mesmerize You

Here are my collection of visual spells I've created designed to soothe and inspire, or to laugh and let go.

Either way, I wish you *magic*

 You are invited to a gathering of the star*seeded sisterhood under the light of the full moon. Journey to the edge of yourself in the heart of the wilderness and rediscover what it means to be alive. 

Step through the {portal} to Journey into Aubrey Ixchel's most Beautiful World. This video was created to inspire and to soothe. All Content and Creation by Aubrey Ixchel with the exception of the Music which was recorded by Elephant Revival.

 :::watch the other animals::: chicken teachers

Talking about sexuality and why I refuse to put a label on it* 

Lady Rainbow sings I Am Here*

let's talk $money and how it can stifle the creative/curious thing i am

:::breathing and being grateful with Aubrey Ixchel:::

A message for YOU* 

Don't worry, be happy! 

Hang with me in the Geothermal Hideawa

Hello! Pretty Bird! 

Hello World! My Unique, One of a Kind Way of Saying, "I'm Alive Today!

Release the Magic~ A short commercial written and directed by my Son.

this is what I do*  solo desert dancing

The Story of Mike, Mystic Hot Springs, & How We Can Change The World