In Celebration of the Naked, or Not, Body*

I can choose to not draw lines. See color. Make judgments.

As I continue to be stuck on a spinning piece of dust circling a great fire in the sky, I often wonder why I worry what I think...... or what you think for that matter. Why waste this seemingly precious amount of time in these seemingly fascinating bodies to give much care to compare? 

Perhaps what I am trying to say here is, what's the matter with my body, really? Like, really? And who made you the judge? Who is the standard in which you judge and why can't you see already that we are all one of a kind, spontaneous happening, never been alive before creatures??!!

It sounds waaaay more fun to celebrate instead. I suggest we applaud one another's uniqueness. Or, even not caring would be fine too. Just don't waste your breath hating on something as silly as another human's skin is all I'm sayin'.

Here is my way of celebrating a most ravenous human being. Through my camera lens I can capture time and put it in the bottle. I find imagery can say so much more than words ever could.


Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother

to mother moon*

The moon making it's grand entrance onto the night sky stage, announced first by a warm glow hanging over the mountain peak. 

Awe* there you are, Mother Moon. 

Come entice me with the milky clouds of sweetness that cluster your bosom. 

Let me brush the moonbeams into my hair, rubbing them gently in between tendrils of curls. 

Dancing bare under your illuminating light, we make love to the moment. Here. 

I will holler and sing your praises with tears of gratitude streaming down cheeks. 

The walk to sleep has never felt quite like this before. 

Moon Soaked & Satisfied*

Lady Rainbow*Faerie Godmother

focus on the moon*

focus on the moon*

being alive is like an orgasm


when I talk about how salvation runs through my veins like blood, I speak of the moment of clarity available in each and every moment* 

when I think the thoughts that cause the heart to ache, I then can choose to feel the blood of salvation as it pumps through and redeems the beating love muscle once more*

for I am merely a human being tripping over its own feet wherever it goes*

the human follows, breathing down the neck, while whispering in the ear*

sometimes the whisper causes oozy warmth, love soaked ooey gooey rays of YES!

other times the whisper sounds like,


either way the whisper is happening

*like it or not*

the other day a buddy made me do that snort laugh I love so much while reminding me that life is like an orgasm that keeps happening whether I'm in public or private*

Don't mind me* 
I'm just cumming over and over over here. 

:::love:::   lady rainbow*faerie godmother