to mother moon*

The moon making it's grand entrance onto the night sky stage, announced first by a warm glow hanging over the mountain peak. 

Awe* there you are, Mother Moon. 

Come entice me with the milky clouds of sweetness that cluster your bosom. 

Let me brush the moonbeams into my hair, rubbing them gently in between tendrils of curls. 

Dancing bare under your illuminating light, we make love to the moment. Here. 

I will holler and sing your praises with tears of gratitude streaming down cheeks. 

The walk to sleep has never felt quite like this before. 

Moon Soaked & Satisfied*

Lady Rainbow*Faerie Godmother

focus on the moon*

focus on the moon*

{Enjoy the Journey}

We are never going to get there

Nowhere to actually get

No Finish Line to cross

So we might as well hold on, throw our heads back, laugh from our bellies, and 

Enjoy The Journey


InterTwingeled* in Love

With Each other as our Favorite Living Creature

Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart

Nothing we can't overcome 

Because You Are Home


Wherever the Journey takes us

I will Observe your Brilliance

Smiling at your Smile

I see now

You are the Sun

I am the Moon

~Aubrey Ixchel