Nature Celebration*

The more time I spend alone observing nature, the more obvious it becomes to me that nature is already, always, appropriately celebrating.

No need for made up religious holidays. 
It is plain to see the flowers are not waiting for any god to tell them when to bloom, nor the other animals checking the calendar for when to come out of hibernation.

You may keep your crosses, easter bunnies, and chocolate eggs. 
Enjoy your artificial, made up substitute. 
I'm sticking with the real thing, baby.

It's much the better party, anyhow*

Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother

Blooming in the Geothermal Greenhouse Garden

it's okay to say NO*

It's okay to say no,
In a kind and most pleasant voice. 
It's okay to say no,
With anger and/or with force.

It's okay to say no,
Even when you don't know why. 
It's okay to say no,
When someone's told you a lie.

It's okay to say no,
Even when inside you feel fear.
It's okay to say no,
Through your laughter or through your tears.

Next time you want to say no,
When you know no's the best thing to say.
Try saying your no like a yes,
And feel your troubles all melt away*

With Love*
Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother