In Celebration of the Naked, or Not, Body*

I can choose to not draw lines. See color. Make judgments.

As I continue to be stuck on a spinning piece of dust circling a great fire in the sky, I often wonder why I worry what I think...... or what you think for that matter. Why waste this seemingly precious amount of time in these seemingly fascinating bodies to give much care to compare? 

Perhaps what I am trying to say here is, what's the matter with my body, really? Like, really? And who made you the judge? Who is the standard in which you judge and why can't you see already that we are all one of a kind, spontaneous happening, never been alive before creatures??!!

It sounds waaaay more fun to celebrate instead. I suggest we applaud one another's uniqueness. Or, even not caring would be fine too. Just don't waste your breath hating on something as silly as another human's skin is all I'm sayin'.

Here is my way of celebrating a most ravenous human being. Through my camera lens I can capture time and put it in the bottle. I find imagery can say so much more than words ever could.


Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother

Nature Celebration*

The more time I spend alone observing nature, the more obvious it becomes to me that nature is already, always, appropriately celebrating.

No need for made up religious holidays. 
It is plain to see the flowers are not waiting for any god to tell them when to bloom, nor the other animals checking the calendar for when to come out of hibernation.

You may keep your crosses, easter bunnies, and chocolate eggs. 
Enjoy your artificial, made up substitute. 
I'm sticking with the real thing, baby.

It's much the better party, anyhow*

Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother

Blooming in the Geothermal Greenhouse Garden

lessons from a spider*

i had an interesting awareness today while out taking care of the chickens. 

while cleaning out the chicken's water dish i saw that a spider had fallen into the dish from the rag i was using. 

my first instinct was to kill the spider,

but i stopped myself.

instead of smashing it, i wondered why my first instinct was to kill this one of a kind, spontaneous happening creature?

then, i scooped the spider up and put it back to where it was.
the spider was now at my eye level and we looked at each other.


it seemed to me that in this moment we had mutual understanding.

we were both just alive standing on the edge of we don't know what's happening next...

and nature humbles once again.