There is nothing I must write for the experience of Being a Writer.


There is no location on the Planet I must visit to unlock the experience of Awe and Amazement of this island that I live on.


There is no dance class I must take or specific way I must move my body to experience the Joy of Dancing.


There are no amount of people, or anyone at all for that matter, that must like what I do to experience Satisfaction with a Job Well Done.


There is no art piece I must create or picture that I must take to have the experience of Being an Artist.


There is no specific food or medicine that I must put in my Body to then have the Pleasure of feeling Healthy and Full of Well Being.


There is nothing I must drink to then feel Relaxed and At Ease.


There is no drug I can take that will unlock the gates to Enlightenment and Higher Consciousness.


There is nothing I can own or think I possess in order to have the experience of Being Happy.


There is no job I must do, or project I must be involved in to then experience Being Successful.


There is no certain, special people I must have as my Friends to feel the Pleasure of Friendship.


There are no words I can say that will grant me the right to Being Important, Remembered, or Heard.


There is nothing the Government must do so that I can experience Peace of Mind.


There is no amount of Money I must obtain to feel the feeling of Abundance.


There is no special person I must be with, or anyone at all, to experience Love.


There is no schooling, title, or license I can get that will then allow me to use my brain and think for myself.


There is no clothing, shoes, or accessories I must wear or number that must appear on the scale for the privilege of standing in front of the mirror to say, Damn~ I'm Beautiful.


There is no religion or dogma I must adopt and believe in order to experience Heaven.


There is no location on the planet I must reside for the experience of Being Home.


There is no piece of information I must go searching for, find, and possess in order to validate my Being Alive.


There is no Knowing, Understanding, or Belief System I must possess in order to experience Wanting What Is Happening Exactly As It's Happening.


There is nothing I am missing out on that is keeping me from experiencing Being Satisfied, Complete, Happy, Enough.


There are absolutely No requirements to BE Love, Joy, and Peace.


There is nothing to be done.


All I can Do is BE.


(((Perfectly, Privately Just Fine)))


~Aubrey Ixchel



{nobody is coming to help}


Without the Magic, without the Mirrors and Smoke 

Without the Self Declared "Likes and "Dislikes" 

Where do I Stand? 

Standing Right Here where I have ever since I was Born. 

In my skin, standing on my feet. 

Waking in the Morning to drink and eat. 

Putting on plants, making sounds. 

Inhaling a bit, feeling release. 

Or Maybe Not, I'm Still Here. 

Here in this skin bag of Earthly Delights

Wanting what I want

Upset when it's not just the way that I thought, 

but, it never is. 

So why am I surprised? 

So, I am standing, breathing, beating

Waiting to Die. 

Apathy, perhaps... 

My Filter, My Experience,

I'm Alone

Mine Alone.

I called up God and he said, 


To fear the invisible,

To own someone else,

To help save somebody from Damnation, 

What is this for? 

It doesn't exist outside of my Experience,

so how could I ever Know anything at all? 

What gives me the understanding and insight above all else? 

Everyone is Special, So Nobody is.

7 Billion and counting~So many Wants

7 Billion and counting~All gonna Die

All ending up in the same place. 

No rules to actually obey,

Nobody in Charge. 

No one has figured it out yet, so why even try? 

I'm left feeling, like,  so, if I could totally do as I please...

Why not stand in a place of Peace? 

Feel all the Joy that is available to me in this moment. 

Feel the Sunshine and JUST BE. 

Still feeling Fear creep up, but it goes away. 

Knowing I'm the cause of my Suffering, 

and Suffering isn't Mine anyway. 

Protective Bubble, Invulnerable to You. 

Words coming out, nothing gets through. 

Unless I let it, it can cut like a knife

All my Choice, My Experience. 

It doesn't make sense, nothing to Believe. 

Nothing to figure out, automatic like a sneeze. 

So with the few dials I can control, 

I will~ 

With as much Grace as I Know. 

Abundant in All things Lovely, 

'till the Moment Of Death. 

Bring it, I say.... 

'till there is Nothing Left. 


~Aubrey Ixchel