for my faerie godmother*

when i heard of you on fire
i imagined the tendrils of smoke 
releasing themselves 
to the sky
while unraveling the magic 
that lay within your

fly on

into the light*


*in memory of my faerie godmother. her words in my mind, her smile in my heart, her song in the air, her grace in the movement of the leaves. wherever i look, there she is*

The last time I laid eyes on you...


i am curled in a ball in the dark.
i am standing naked alone.
feeling the time drop through my vessel like the grains of sand in the waist of the hourglass. 
there is nothing i can be but this.
this is all i have.
i surrender to the iron fist around my throat and slip through the fingers like jelly.
spread me on your cracker and eat me whole.
over and over again.
this is the place i always end up.
like the dog chasing it's tail,
around and around i go.
i am curled in a ball in the light.

Written for You* by me <3