A Call for Sisterhood*


I write you today with a heart that feels bittersweet. A mixture of overflowing joy and connection, with overtones of concern for the future of females in a society that doesn't seem to equally value the great gifts of Womankind. This internal narrative runs it's loop inside my mind and is shaking the dream-like stupor off my being. With new space now being created, I can hear the little voice of my spirit and it is growing stronger every day.

This voice calls out, "Gather your Sisterhood, gather those Women together that also hear their internal siren calling for connection and unity." 

Ladies, the time is NOW to gather. The time is NOW to consciously create the future. The time is NOW to pull our rich internal resources together and lift one another to each of our fullest potential. The time is NOW to shed the fears, insecurities, and blockages that keep us small and in the shadows. The time is NOW to step into the light and shine as brightly as we can. The time is NOW to make a stand for the equality of our Sisters all over the planet. The time is NOW to take bold and courageous action.



Dear ones, if this message resonates in your heart, gives you hope, or just plain feels right, I ask you to join me. Join me in forming a strong Star*Seeded Sisterhood built on a foundation of deep connection to the Earth, easy flowing passion and creativity, roaring internal fires, open hearted love, our collective truths spoken and acted upon with courage, connection to the collective wisdom consciousness, and reverence for our divine relationship to that which is greater than us.

I am primed and ready to act, arm in arm, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. Now, I just need YOU*

Won't you join me?