As You Are

A couple of years ago I decided to go to our local Walmart on Black Friday and stand on the corner of the intersection holding my "As You Are, You Are Perfect" sign. It was my way of celebrating my Brother Nate's life on his would-be birthday. I thought, maybe, just maybe, someone will see the message and be inspired, uplifted, given hope. Maybe if my Brother would have seen such a sign during his last days it could have awoken him to his true nature and he would have decided he no longer needed drugs and alcohol to numb himself, but rather feel the satisfaction and perfection of simply being alive.

I understand that this is a Pollyanna way to think. I've had plenty of times during my life where I have dealt with challenge, pain, suffering (usually self-imposed, yet suffering nonetheless). I get it, I do. Yet, I just loop back to, isn't it amazing that any of this is happening at all? Isn't there so much to be grateful for in the simplicity of being a human being on this planet in this particular moment in time? I mean, whoa. Seriously. Besides, once I can put the suffering to rest and I'm in a place of gratitude, isn't that the most logical place in which to deal with any challenge that may come my way?

So, to conclude this long ramble I place in front of you the possibility that, Just As You Are, You Really Are Perfect. Perfection in the imperfection, perfection in the divine timing of it all, perfection that you are breathing, moving, communicating, and doing that thing you do.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, let that sink in, and may it bring you Peace, or not.

Totally up to you.

Either way....perfection!

Here I am at the intersection of Facebook and the Interweb with my hand drawn sign with a message for YOU...