re / birth

deep in the brown fertile earth i sit alone.

all potential energy of what may be, waiting in the tightly wound skin encasing me.

the pungent, yet satisfying smell of the rot, shit, and dwellers of the underbelly surround me.

the incredible buzz, the predictable, new to me, humm in the innermost part of what i am made.

buzz and humm is my signal of the,


it's your turn very soon.

i cannot predict the future, but anxious to see what it's like,

just the same.

ironically, the curiosity bubbling without control is unable to actually make a difference.

then, the warmth i didn't know i was waiting for penetrates the place i am nestled.

the brilliant warmth directly targeting my innermost place, melting away any indifference, automatically.

then i re/ member that this is my spotlight.

my turn to shine.

my turn to burst open.

without hesitation for the pain the bursting could potentially cause.

will probably cause.

will definitely cause.

bursting is painful.

it's a fact.


the process i find myself in, is totally not confused.

just a piece of the whole/ whole but still in pieces.

it's time.




i start pulsing to the same beat of the mother that holds me.

thump. thump.

thump. thump.

i am her/ she is me/me is he/ we are all.

we are one.







~Aubrey Ixchel*

Lady Rainbow*

Faerie Godmother*

March 23, 2014