A Note For (((You)))

February 8, 2014

Dear You~

Yes, You! You are reading this, so it must have been for you. It can be no other way than this. I'm so happy you are reading these words meant JUST. FOR.YOU.

I am Lady Rainbow, Self~Declared Faerie Godmother* I was thinking in my cave the other day and you came into my mind.  I knew I had some words to tell you, so you could Re~member. So I'm writing this letter to tell you some things I think are very Important. I hope you know how happy I am you are here to read them.


I want you to re~member you are a Star Child.

There is no other way you could be here right now without first being created out of the intense energy inside the belly of a Star.


Billions of years old

I want you to wake-up every Morning, look at your hands, and cry tears of Gratitude that you woke-up Alive as a human being, once again.

I would like you to pay attention to the fact that no other being on the planet knows what it is like to be You. You are the only one like You. You are the only expert on the reality and the make believe of being You.

You are Time.

You are Space.

If you can avoid believing anything anyone says ever, before thinking about it with your own brain first, You will save You a lot of Time, blame, and sorrow.

You don't have to suffer your existence.

You have done nothing wrong. You are just being You.

I want you to be able to look in the mirror every day and look directly into the shining eyes of the reflection staring back at you. As you point and wag your finger and say "Failure. Failure. Failure." to the reflection, I want you to laugh. Because you totally get the joke.

There is no other place you can be having a life you are not actually having. This is it.

The fact that this is it, is nothing to suffer. Actually, You Celebrate it!

Don't forget to Breathe. There is nothing going wrong here.

When you forget about the make believe life in your head that you think you should be having, rather then the one you are having, you realize that what is actually in front of you is pretty, mind~blowing Incredible.

How is it that you could be here at all?

There is no explanation other than, whoa.

I want to you to know that You Are LOVE.

You are the thing that is breathing and beating. Wanting to live.

How could you experience it any other way?

Don't forget to just Relax. Everything is just as it is supposed to be.

One more thing, You Are The MAGIC*

It is such a pleasure for me to share these things with (((You))). 

I'm so Grateful for (((You)))

Your Faerie Godmother~

Lady Rainbow

Source: www.aubreyixchel.com