{Trust the Body}

"Trust the Body", says the Body

What Am I before Language?

What Am I before Sounds?

Before society gave me my name and birthday, what could I possibly Be?

What Am I before the society, family, religion, country, roles, and homework?

What Am I before the little person yells, "MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM"? and for a reason I cannot explain, I jump like I'm on fire to give the thing whatever it's demanding, most of the time without question?

What Am I before the spiritual ideas that someone or something is coming to help and save me from these things I don't understand?

What Am I before the secret hope that I am Special, but not in the "one of a kind" and "unique" way, but in the Maybe I'm Special Above All Way?

What Am I before the idea that there is a energy, entity, or universe that desires me to be good, and puts it's energy into supporting my good doing in the world?

What Am I before I get down on my knees to pray to a god that is not only not taking calls, but there is no phone that rings

I ask, "WHAT THE FUCK AM I?" to the Silence

In the Silence, there is no question

Pre-Sound has no problem 

The Silence doesn't ever leave the background of the noise

~There is just Silence~

"I'm just a Body", says the Body out of the Silence

I'm just Breathing, Beating, Thumping away without a question at all

Waiting to Die and Compost

The fate of all living matter, endless recycling

There is no struggle

Born, Live, Die, Rot

To Be with the rest of Death in the Deep Belly Undercarriage of the dirt

Biology is the Great Equalizer of all Living Things

Nothing to Understand, just to Observe

Magnificent and Nothing Special

Just the same

~Aubrey Ixchel