Your Custom Magic Wand*

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Your Custom Magic Wand*

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Hello Extraordinary You*

This is going to be so much fun!

You are purchasing a hand crafted, one of a kind Magical Wand made 100% for YOU by Lady Rainbow, faerie godmother*

To learn more about the magic wands I make and to see a gallery of past magic wands, visit HERE*

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When you order, I will send you an email so that I may get to know more about you and your own particular brew of magic. I will then use your answers as inspiration in the journey to find the objects to design and make your unique wand. Always steeped in sacred ritual and deep gratitude, my creative process is a balance between intuition and play, but always with the inspiration that,


The wands I make are as unique as the people I make them for, but all my wands will include elements that will ground and inspire you. Think of it as a talisman to the land where the faeries dance under the light of the full moon. Most of the items used in my wands are collected on my personal journeys to the wilderness. Some magic wands are created from juniper wood, crystal quartz, and duck  feathers. Some are sagebrush roots bejeweled in amethyst and lamp work glass pixie points.Whatever the elements, I make sure that each wand I make takes my breath away when I hold it.

That's how I know it's ready for it's new home.

Your wand will include a hand written note to the wand care keeper from Lady Rainbow explaining the story of every detail of your new wand. A note you will treasure for years to come.

Each package is a delight for the senses as well. Bursting with Faerie Godmother surprises on the inside and out, I assure, you have never received a package quite like this!

*Please expect 4-6 weeks for delivery as each wand is made custom just for you. This sort of magic takes some time to brew, but always arrives in perfect timing. 

*Shipping & Handling is included in the price. Your wand will be shipped USPS Priority with tracking and $150 in insurance. Please contact me for a quote on International shipping.

*Please Note* I am a lover and believer in the gifting society and participate as much as I can. I am open to creative energy exchanges that are fair and agreed to and feel right with both parties. CONTACT ME*