Be The Magic*

BE the Magic*

BE the Magic*


One of my favorite things to do in life is to forage Mother Earth for those beauties laying on her surface that catch my eye and say Yes! *

*Sticks, Rocks, Crystals, Bone, Seed, Bark, Feathers* 

 I am always astonished when I reach down to examine closer the object that sparkles in it's own special way and it reminds me how breathtaking this dirt we stand on is along with all the life that unfolds here.

So Open and Present.

Watching Nature and Emulating it's Peaceful Ways.

"Holding Aubrey's beautiful wand for the first time felt electrifying. Such love was poured into this creation and I can feel it thrumming in my arms! She used her own intuition to design this work of art for me and I could not be more thrilled. I keep this wand in my sanctuary and am so humbled and grateful to Aubrey for her kindness and insight with each element she chose to include. So much love." 
Hillary Rain



                                                                                         Rose Quartz Orb Mystic Mineral Faerie Wand

Lady Rainbow's Creative Hole Hideaway

In my Creative Hole Hideaway I arrange and organize these treasures and let them speak to me. When I feel the pull I find a piece of tree that is ready to be transformed. I dance and sway, intuitively listening for what stones and minerals call out to me and where they want to be placed. Every part of the process is steeped in mindful presence and is rich in ritual. From the sinew and leather soaked in Mystic Womb Cave water to meditating with the final wand, I honor the fact that every bit of nature has a life force energy. To balance this I also try not taking any of it too seriously and remembering to play. I feel that if I am passionate about what I am doing, perhaps somebody else will too. 

I find the most inner peace and joy by living my life as presently and in the moment as I can. When I operate from all my centers at once, I find that harmonious buzz and my magic starts to flow. I use my magic wand as a portal key that unlocks the magic that has always been inside of me. Just the fact that I am here, now is absolutely mind blowing magical and I couldn't possibly ask for more.

When my magic starts flowing so does the personal power that resides within me and I can surrender into a peaceful remembering that this business of living is all there is, and that is marvelous! I make magic wands to help people realize They Are The Thing... They Are The Magic.

 *The Magic is You*

faesoul faerie_wand.png

"How could I have ever imagined that I would one day have my very own faerie wand?  I live in the fae lands of the Pacific Northwest and the magic of the fae feels so close to our hearts and within our hOMe.  My dear friend Aubrey created this wand with such intention and soul and with a magic that comes from her own world of desert fae.  This wand sits on an altar in our home and takes part of both ritual and imaginative play for me and my boys.  I will cherish this deeply for the rest of my life."

*Denise, Fae*Soul




Are *YOU* feeling your heart strings being pulled to have a Magic Wand of your own? I would be thrilled and honored to make a custom wand Just. For. You. Please click the link below to be taken to Lady Rainbow's Magic Shop.

 *Gallery of Custom Made Magic Wands*