Can I Get A Witness?

“In a world so dominated by social media and disingenuous connection, there is something so brilliantly bright and delicious about the work Aubrey does. The mesmerizing quality she invokes is so desperately needed. The loving care she offers is so lush and powerful.”
— Makenna Johnston, The Bliss Doula
What Aubrey gifted me with most is remembrance: a renewed sense of how it feels to experience the alchemy of tenderness and love. I doubt she even realizes the magic of this for me, but maybe she does. She’s a faerie godmother after all.
— Hillary Rain at

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Aubrey is truly my Faerie Godmother because of the way she makes me fall in love with myself. She has inspired me through her art to embark on the journey of self-love.
— Wild Rose Medicine Woman
Taking the empowering journey to reconnect with my goddess within was such a breakthrough for me on many levels. Thank You, Aubrey, for guiding me to experience and see a part of me that I had forgotten.
— Tammy Pentz
I have had the awesome opportunity to go on several journey’s with Aubrey. Each one has given me the chance to express creativity, to feel beautiful, to play, and to enjoy nature. The result is a collection of photos that capture my true essence. Truly magical!
— Melanie Green Williams
Being with Aubrey is very comfortable and fluid, she is always an open book which provides a safe space for me to be open and clear with myself. It feels like home.
— Shelby Sky