Sun Baked, Star Seeded*

This is my Faerie Godmother who hangs above my goddess altar in my room. She was given to me by my Mom for my 33rd Birthday. My Mom, the amazingly thrifty person she is, found this enchanted painting at a thrift store for $7. The painting is titled on the back, Star Seeded Daughter

I Fell Madly in Love

When I was first given this painting I noticed words along the edges of the painting, thought it was cool, and forgot about it. When coming up with a name for this nest I asked, "What is Your Name?", while sitting down to my altar. Star Seeded Daughter came out of my mouth immediately afterwards, and I knew I found the name. I pulled down the Faerie Godmother off the wall and wrote down the words along the edges of the painting. 

When I read the words together, I was completely under the spell of my Faerie Godmother, knowing these words like the back of my hand.


Star Seeded Daughter*

Touch Me Daughter
Touch Me Daughter of the Earth
Reach in, Reach Down
and Touch, Arise, Sing, Laugh
Be Seen
Your Song is Old
Old as the Phasing Moon
and New
New as the Sprouting Forest
So Sing Daughter
Sing and Be Heard Across the Winds
Through the Waters
Sing and Be Heard
Your Laughter is Earth Warmed
Sun Baked, Star Seeded
So Laugh Daughter
Laugh and Be Seen
Powerful Joy, Joyful Power
Laugh and Be Seen
Touch Me Daughter
Sing, Laugh, Arise
Be Seen

These words are the gentle calling across the winds, and straight into the hearts and souls of those that recognize the familiar sounds.

I call those that hear the familiar call and feel the gentle pull on the heartstrings,

The Star Seeded Personhood*

If you, like me, relish the freedom in these words join me and stand up, raise your hands to the sky, throw back your head, and Feel the Magic*

~So Much Love to You Dear Person~