(((Ring Around the Moon)))

Elephant Revival "Ring Around the Moon"

Biologically Cyclical

Like the Moon filling up to Bursting then Releasing, just to do it all over again. We, Sisters, follow the same Beat of the Drum. 

The more in tune with the beat I am, the more I can relax into a place of Peace.

Knowing how I work and operate, so I'm not surprised every time, every cycle.

{ Gathering Blue Moon Water}

{Gathering Blue Moon Water}

For me, a breakthrough occurred when I looked back through my Journal to find that my entries all sounded like a broken record, on repeat. Lamenting the same Emotions, blaming the same usual suspects, I decided the pointing finger should turn around and point at me, because I was the common denominator. 

I needed insight into how I was Biologically Operating so that I could then have Compassion with a cycle I had no Control over. Once Surrendered, I could then set myself up for an easier go the next time around.

Ladies, it's all about having a Strategy rather than being stuck on repeat, thinking you have control and then blaming Yourself for having no Control over the Un~Controllable. You are just a Human who bleeds to the same Cycle as the Moon, just like all the other Female Humans. Rather than fight it, we can scoop ourselves up, get in our Skin under the light of the Moon, and Howl our Celebrations!

Today could be the Day that instead of attacking yourself for your Humanity, you Celebrate it.

Today is the Day you can take Gentle, Sweet Care of the Thing You Are. 

It's Not Personal. You're just Alive.


The Season Faeries

The Season Faeries

My Season Faeries help me Remember that I, like the Phases of the Moon and the Cyclical Changes of the Earth, have Seasons, just the same.

I break up One Moon Cycle into Four Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.




Winter is the time of the cycle that I am Bleeding. This is my Red Tent time. I treat myself like I am a Bear in Hibernation, cause I pretty much am.

Everything slows down~ my Body and Mind, I like to rest more, take it easy. I like to go on Solo Nature Journeys at this time. I know that this is not a time to make any big commitments to anyone, including myself. I expect less production from myself. I Honor my need for Silence during this time. Rather than having big conversations, which usually end in arguments I don't want to be having, I shut my mouth. 

If you need an excuse to pamper yourself, Winter is an excellent one. I find wanting to give myself more excellent Self Care at this time. Long soaks under the Stars, Massaging my Feet with Cinnamon Essential Oil mixed with Macadamia Oil, Eating Extra Dark Chocolate under the Light of a Green Lightbulb. It's the little details of what I like that I pay special attention to.

Fundamentally, Winter is a time to really Feel Your Aloneness and Relish it.

Being All Alone is a Beautiful Feeling



Spring is the 7 or so days after I stop Bleeding. It's the Thaw after the Freeze. I don't feel the Heaviness that Winter provided, and find myself feeling much Lighter. I Smile more, Laugh more. I start new projects, I have those conversations I was waiting to have. I feel more Dynamic and Active. I don't wear underwear, except when I am Bleeding, so this is the time to feel the air between my legs. Literally, Sexually, Socially, Metaphorically. 

Spring allows a time for me to focus in on my eating and physical movement. I make it a point to Drink a Lot of Water at all times, but Spring may be a good time to amp up on the Liquids and Flush Out any of Winter's Residue. I also take a look at what I am putting into my Body with a little more discretion. I find that eating a couple meals later in the day, with little sugar, little/no caffeine, no alchohol is how I feel the best. I Authentically Stretch and Move my Body in the Hot Springs, mostly, every Morning. I also feel more Energy for all types of more Physical projects I want to do.

Spring is a Time for Cleaning out the Body, Mind, and Heart



Oh, Summer! I am indulgent and out there during Summer Time. Just like a Flower in Full Bloom. I am Sunshine, skipping in the Meadow, singing whatever tune I please. Summer is a time for me to really enjoy all the Life has to offer, and is the best time to invite me to a party. I am more Socially inclined, willing to chat up a stranger, and the Laughter flows without much prompting. The World is my Oyster and I'm going back for seconds!

Naturally then, Summer usually comes with a lesson or two in restraint. Just because I want it, doesn't mean I'm going to get it and it seems a little harder for me to realize during this time when everything screams YES! I'm usually very Idealistic during the Summertime, which I can work with as long as I am noticing I'm being Idealistic and don't jump before thinking things through.

Sexually and Biologically, since this is the time of my cycle I am Ovulating, this is Fertile Territory. This is a magnificent time to celebrate my Nature and enjoy the fact that I am a Sexual Creature. This is an excellent opportunity to examine my Sexual side and be playful with it. Giving permission to myself to be indulgent in Healthy and Respectful Sex Play opens up all sorts of doors to Possibility. I've discovered things about myself that I never thought that I would like and enjoy. I use my Summer Fertile Time, when I'm more charged Sexually, to try on other identities that I don't identity with outside Role Playing. I am clear on my boundaries and have respect for myself to ensure that I am always literally enjoying the Hell out of Sex. This is where clear and honest communication is key. It is extremely helpful for me to be clear on where I am at as far as my Pro~Creation Power goes before engaging in Sexual activity that could get me pregnant. It is my Body, and my Fertility is not something I take lightly.

Bottom line, The more I am comfortable in my skin, the more I know what I like and don't like, the easier it is to communicate my needs and desires, and the more Amazing my Sex Life is, regardless of if there is another Human around or not.

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Fall is typically my most trying Season, the one most difficult for me to transition into. Fall is the easiest of all the seasons for me to step into depression territory and is the season that causes the bulk of my Suffering. Fall is definitely the season of gathering up and getting ready for the cold to come. Usually, Summer is my easiest time, so naturally once I see Fall approaching, I resist and want the Sun to stay....just a little longer. When Fall hits though, it hits. I Physically notice a change in my mood, my uterus and breasts get sore, I get weepy and sad. When the tears start to fall, I know that Fall has come...

The trick, for me, is to do a little preparation before Fall hits so that it doesn't shock me with it's chilly winds. To remember that I may have some tougher emotional days ahead, but that's just part of it. To give myself permission to be out of control, allows for more Self Compassion and Care. If I am Wise and use my natural intelligence, I have a conversation with my Living Creature of Choice to let him know that Fall is here and I am just needing to be held and given affection, and that I'm not interested in Sex like I was just a few days ago. But who am I kidding? He's typically more aware of my cycle and is the one to tap me on the shoulder in the middle of a temper tantrum to remind me that it's Fall. (I picked a good one!) If I'm not being Self-Aware at this time I often end up self destructive behavior patterns and alienating those that I like the most, and that is not the way I want to spend my Precious Time.

Remembering that I'm just learning and I can't make a mistake is a good way to drop the drama and be able to relax and enjoy those things that make Fall quite Special. My favorite ways to be compassionate with myself during this time are making more time for rest and massage, using Essential Oils to brighten my mood, being okay with Silence, writing, dancing, coloring and deep breathing. 

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{Full Circle}

My Moon Cycle also seems to be affected by what is happening in Nature's Cycle as well. When it is Summer outside and I'm Being Summer on the inside, I call this Double Summer. The same goes with Double Winter. Bleeding and in Hibernation feels more real when it is snowing outside and all the other animals are Hibernating too. For me, the weather outside amplifies what is happening on my inside. There really isn't anything I must do with this insight, just noticing it makes a difference.

I have also noticed that the more I understand what Season I am in, and communicate to those that could use the information, the easier my Life becomes. I track my cycle on my Iphone using apps designed to give me all the nerdy math facts about my cycle I couldn't calculate myself. I can now tell which Season I am in by using the Physical and Emotional markers my cycle provides. For those that do not have a predictable physical cycle, it may require more listening and observation to discover your Cyclical Nature, but just Listening to yourself and making notes is an easy first step.


I use my Seasons Faeries to represent and celebrate what Season I am in on my Goddess Altar. It may be a nice idea to wear some kind of indicator, like jewelry, that signifies your Season to those people in your life you would like to be in the know. Even if you don't want to reveal that information to others, having some sort of special ritual you create to appreciate your Unique, One of a Kind Cycle, is one that may feel Welcoming and Nurturing to you. Gathering Moon Water is one of my favorite rituals that I do to remember my connection to the Moon and her Cycles. I also like to bathe my naked skin in the Full Moon Light and Howl, just because.

Notice how your life gets easier when you begin to pay attention to your Cycle and Celebrate it~

I am so humbled by your presence here   

I am so humbled by your presence here


It is important for me to Communicate that all this information is really just a self observation research project that I'm reporting on. Every one of us is one of a kind and unique. You may resonate with this information, you may not. Use the information however feels good to you, but most importantly, do your own research and observation of your own Unique Cycle.

The insight and information gained from simple Self Observation is invaluable.

And no one can do it for You*