Journey Future*

Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey With Me?

Let us Journey Together, Hand in Hand


I love being a mirror reflecting the beautiful creature you are.

It is a magical thing to watch a person who proclaims how they don't like pictures of themselves, isn't photogenic, and doesn't know what to do in front of the camera, completely blossom into a confident, gorgeous, magnificent being~ totally knowing what to do in front of the camera~

Each journey I assist with is individual and unique. No journey is the same, because no person is the same. I use my skills as a faerie godmother to assist you to open, reveal, and shine your inner light. 


Shining Like a Star Seeded Soul*

Each Journey Includes:

Dress Up Time*

We will discuss before your journey what themes and ideas we will want to concentrate on during our time together. With this is mind, you will bring your own costumes and props that fit the theme or search my personal magic closet. This is an opportunity for you to let go and try on different looks and characters that you would't allow in your normal reality. We usually choose a few different costume changes and lots of different props to take with us on the journey so we can switch gears and try different scenes. We also do your hair and makeup to complete the look. Think of it like getting a faerie godmother version of  "Glamour Shots"*


We will then pack up all our treasures and put on good walking shoes and head out into the most amazing landscape of the rustic and awe*inspiring, Mystic Hot Springs. I love taking pictures here with a never ending supply of gorgeous backdrops for your journey. Whether it be magical faerie hideaways, womb caves, or hot spring waterfalls, I promise you will be delighted by this enchanting property.

If you cannot come to me, I'm happy to come to you for an additional cost. If we meet where you live, I would be thrilled to explore your favorite magic places. Or, perhaps we meet somewhere in the middle and blaze new trails. Wherever we go, I intend on each journey I lead to be steeped in intention, love,  and pure magic.

While we journey this is an opportunity for us to let go of those layers that are no longer serving us and open up and reveal our inner light. I will take gentle care of your heart and feel comfortable with my skills of supporting and navigating you as a faerie godmother. We will allow and honor our natural flow as we journey together. Stopping when we feel inspired, shooting some pictures when it feels natural.

We have no obligations or musts during our time together. When we are feeling complete we head back to close our time together, getting back into our regular life gear, but with more ease and grace. Typically the entire journey from start to end takes about 4 hours, but since each person and journey is unique it could be more or less time. Realize that time is not something that exists when we are together, all that counts is the journey.

After the Journey*

After each journey I review and edit the pictures and will share the finished product with you in the way we agree on. Usually there are at least 10 amazing images from each journey, and once they are yours, you are free to do as you like with them. Included in the cost of the journey, you may choose one image that will be printed on 11x14 canvas or framed print to hang up in your home to remind you of your journey. 



I'm looking forward to journeying with YOU*