ahhh....here You Are.

(((Welcome to the Magic Nest)))

This is where I spin my Magic...

Gathering the Star Seeds and breathing into them my Creativity and Purest Intentions, I'm here to bear witness to all that is Lovely, and, You are so Lovely. I'm glad you are here to join me in this comfortable space I made just for us. A space where we are free to let our hair down and do just as we like. No expectations, no mistakes. Everything we do in this space is for furthering the exploration of what helps us Fully Enjoy This Moment. For this moment is all we have. I feel Honored and Humbled at your Graceful Presence, bowing low to the most Beautiful Creature you are.

(((you and me)))~~~We are both Here in this most Inspired Timing to Co~Create Magic


Now, Dear One, feel my arms wrapping around you, pulling you in close. We gaze into one another's eyes making a connection that is Deep. It feels so good Being with you.

To give you Blessing and Welcome, I gently touch your Wrists, Heart, and Third Eye with warming Cinnamon Essential Oil. As you feel the warmth radiating you experience the thumping pulsing in your veins.

Whispering in your ear, I tell you, You Are Perfect. You feel yourself melting as you Let Go into a Sweet Surrender. No worries here, Love, you are very Safe

As you smell the Incense being burnt in your Honor, you easily Inhale and the Calm, Peaceful Knowing fills your Tender Heart Space~~~ 


         (((you have Arrived)))

I now invite you to head over to the Star Seeded page to receive the Magic that is waiting for you there. Please take your time to explore this Comfortable Nest I've made Just For Us.

I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Dearest, I am thrilled you are Here...