Classic Hypnotherapy 

Session length is typically 1.5-2 hours

Whatever effects the mind, Hypnosis can be used to improve and transform! During your session the perfect power of your sub-conscious mind will be utilized to re-program negative thought patterns, ideas, and belief systems and be replaced with the things that are in alignment with your goals, desired outcomes, and highest purpose. Each session is as unique as the individual, and Hypnosis can be used to positively affect any life circumstance or situation. Techniques used depend entirely upon your own personal needs, yet can include Hypnotic Programming, Eye Movement Therapy, Parts Therapy, Childhood Regression, Breathwork, and Past Life Regression.


Long Distance Hypnotherapy 

1/2 hour minimum

Let us not allow the miles to keep us apart! Technology is an incredible way to connect and to include the positive power of Hypnosis into your life. We will connect via Skype or Facetime for a completely custom call designed to support you in letting go of the old thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you, and to open up to and invite that which is harmonious. Transformation happens instantly and automatically with Hypnosis, and you will be amazed at the results that occur in your life because of it.




Massage Therapy


Experience a massage unlike anything else you've tried. Weaving elements of intuitive touch, energy work, essential oil magic, sound healing, and hypnosis you will be pampered and nurtured in the way you're soul has been aching for. Each session is custom tailored with the intention for maximum therapeutic benefit and deep relaxation.


HypnoMassage Journey

90 minutes

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60 mins

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