I am Lady Rainbow*Faerie Godmother

 Why Hello There, Beautiful You

I call myself Lady Rainbow and I am here to declare that I would absolutely love the opportunity to be your very own Faerie Godmother*

What is a Faerie Godmother and why do you need one, you ask?

You are welcome to think of me as your own personal magic maker, sacred cheerleader, and reflector of truth and light. I want to completely and utterly delight you by brewing up magic tenderly and intentionally designed with only YOU in my mind and heart. I find my strength in connecting one on one, heart to heart, and through this connection we have made, I am inspired!

I feel deeply called and enthused in this role as a Faerie Godmother and sincerely hope my love and gratitude for who you are will ignite your hearts magic*

I invite you to take a look at


for all my current magical offerings