(((Every~Body is Beautiful)))

Help me Share the Message that Every~Body is Beautiful!



This picture slips out of a book I'm browsing through and I laugh at the utter Naked Joy of the entire scene. Something about the Mountains behind, the rock overlook, and most importantly, the naked man hailing the sky made me want to have the image around me for some reason. I hung it up in my Creative Hole, and I just recently began to see the connection of it all. 

My personal Journey of Appreciation for my Body began when I was inspired to take self~portraits and learned how incredibly healing and trans-formative this act is. Nothing has taught me Self~Love the way capturing myself privately behind the lens has. Every day I become more and more fascinated by what my Body can do, looks like, says, desires, and creates that it made me wonder if other people were curious too? I started asking friends if they wanted me to take Naked pictures of them and let me share the pictures on a online gallery to show the World, "Hey World! Look, Every~Body is Beautiful!". Some of my friends said Yes! some said No! some I have yet to hear from. All of the feedback they gave, or not, was appreciated and created an even deeper drive in myself to share my Belief that Every~Body is so Beautiful and there is nothing to be scared, ashamed, or timid about.

We are Alive People!!! We should all be Dancing Naked and Celebrating, cause this Being Alive business doesn't last for long...

Trust the Body, says the Body

Now I'm ready to spread my Message that Every~Body is Beautiful with the World!

I feel Inspired to travel the World, meet people, share ideas, and take pictures of all kinds of Amazing, Unique, One of a Kind, Naked Bodies and share them in a Gallery here. Maybe, I'll bring some fancy masks for those that are on the shy side. Naked, but still hidden.

Trust the Body, says the Body

Will you help me share this idea that we are all Beautiful? If my inspiration inspires you, please consider donating to help me with the costs of traveling, sticker printing, equipment, and other needs involved in the campaign.

Or, maybe you want to host me in your neck of the woods? Do You want to plan a Every~Body is Beautiful Photo Shoot in your area? Think of it as planning a party with me to celebrate that We Are Alive! Hosts coordinate location for the Photo Shoot, assists me in what I may need for the shoot, and invites others to join in.  Maybe it's just You and I, maybe we invite only your Tribe, or maybe, we spread the invitation far and wide! Any way it happens, I think we are going to have some major fun and enjoy this opportunity to learn more appreciation for our Aliveness. Hosts are welcome to help with travel expenses, have a place for me to stay, and provide some food.

Together, we can make an impact on the way people see and experience their Aliveness and the fact that every Human Body, as is, is Perfect.

Perhaps one day the prominent idea around Nakedness will be that...

Every~Body is Beautiful!

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