guilty as charged

guilty is the verdict
trapped in the box untrustable
until further notice
the fence is clearly stating what is mine is mine
not yours
and don't you dare wiggle around in your box 
black and white the only obvious colors to paint this picture
or, perhaps
:::another vantage point:::
of course always guilty and untrustable
because the human can never get away from being made of always going away 
decomposing before the eyes 
biological machine 
"me" disappears before the label is decided and box is made to put "me" in 
change is the only thing there has ever been to
and yet,
there is comfort in the fact that we never can know what the thing we think we know is
completely blind to everything but "me" experiencing
isn't physically possible to see through another's eyes or walk in another's feet
no matter how hard the level of trying 
and somehow,
we are still just alive
to enjoy the full rainbow of color available
the lens of black and white

with love,
Lady Rainbow*faerie godmother

{heaven on earth}

Floating silently in the pool of memories

Bobbing along the rolling currents of the amniotic fluid that surrounds

Gentle submersion into the reflection of unconditional

The space in between gravity and being set free into the atmosphere

Tucked in and cradled in the arms of the thing in which I am

If there is anything spiritual about living, this is it

Being held so sweetly into a full surrender

Hearing the lulling hush and familiar lullaby that ears listen at attention to

Nothing to see but patterns of fluid droplets across the eyeball,

Sun streaming through the thin skin providing a brilliant backdrop to the picture show in the skull

Hands spread along the surface as the rainbow line patterns ripple across the bottom

A secret language of the water that could make sense, but doesn't

Forever a mystery that cannot be solved

Heaven on Earth   

Heaven on Earth


So much happening in the observation of the all around

Mind dancing versus the completely still in reality

A stark contrast in the in between that is amusing somehow

But, listen

She is still singing her sweet song,

Remember you're right here, she sings

Everything is now

The gut wrench and subsequent release of the oh, yes

Easy to be

Still floating silently in the pool memories as the chest rises, then falls

Heaven on Earth

~Aubrey Ixchel