YOU are Star*Dust///or, how i say goodbye///

woke up to your cries for help.

i've fallen and i can't get up,

but this time this shits for reals.

with all my might i lift the back haunches, ready/steady/go.

you hobble off to the nearest patch of earth to squat for relief, and once again need rear end assistance.

a mad dash, hip swiveling dance of decay to the pond where you feel the buoyancy of less gravity.


stuck in salvation. like an anchor pulling the hips to the earth.

sinking and ready to go.

i get you comfortable. i want to send you off in style.

wipe the excess. trim the matted clumps. clean inside ear holes. dampen the dried hair.

a few drops of lavender and clary sage as i wish you the best on your next journey ahead.

the great falling to pieces.

ashes to ashes.

dust to dust.

gratitude is blown into the wind.

brushing your hair i whisper in your floppy, curly ear what a beautiful, kind animal you are.

how blessed to have watched after you these past 13 years of your being alive.

how blessed to have had you watching after me these past 13 years of my being alive.

my oldest living companion, lives no more.

as your last breath was sent into the heavens the hawk took flight over the place you lay.

in the mother you rest once again.

i bless the earth you lay in with the magic i know in my heart.

bent over in humble gratitude of the life you lived, i feel the earth beating under my hands.

<3 Star*Dust


just not in the way i understand anymore.

under the phasing moon, you will transform.

ashes to ashes.





*aubrey ixchel

::written in memory of the last day of Star, a very good dog:: 4/2001 ~ 5/2/2014