::eternal fire::



standing, dancing, living upon the ashes of the eternal that came before.

roots all point to the source.

the seed of the beginning with no ending.

matter in motion stays in motion.

the cosmic explosion of everything & nothing all at once.

nothing coming out of the nothing.

everything coming out of the nothing.

everything coming out of the everything.

nothing coming out of the everything.

nothing playing the loop everything.

everything playing the loop nothing.

and so it goes like the endless recycling of the bones, the guts, the flesh boiled down to the seed.

imagine the intense heat required in the flames of eternity. you cannot.

in the heat where the atoms dance the rhythmic beat you know automatically.

mother nature*s vast cauldron of the hot bubbling soup made of the matter drained from the being alive.

bubbling sparkling black with the rich stench of upturned earth and star dust.

into the cauldron she places her beating heart. her lungs of breath. her eyes of mirrors.

churning the ingredients of life stuff. oozy with slime.

the fertile shit where the life likes to eat for the first time.


a dash of hope *(but not too much)

a dash of make believe* (for the stubborn)

a dash of faith* (because this journey has no finish line)

the rest is mother nature*s secret recipe (she says to mind your p's & q's)

but here is a hint for those with insatiable curiosities:::

a clue provided for *you*

the punchline of the eternal joke.

you are everywhere to be seen.

nowhere can you look and not see you.

look under the couch cushions and between the pages of the books you read.

you will be found.

never though will you ever find

a question.


<3::lady rainbow*faerie godmother 4/24/14