This is where I choose to be bare.

Welcome to my BARE Gallery. The gallery below contains fully/partial nude pictures I took of myself. If you happen to be offended by the naked human form, please click here to see my gallery of pretty pictures, all with clothing.

If you choose to proceed, it is important for me to express my reason for being so publicly BARE. 

I believe that I am a unique, one of a kind, individual living being that is not important or special, but completely amazing. I think the fact that I am living in this skin is mind~blowingly incredible and something I want to express, uncensored, just because I can. This is for me, and me only. I don't care to please anyone, or not please anyone. Opinions and judgments will happen, and, for the momen I feel curious. I don't have a time machine, and I don't know the future. This project of mine could be a really terrible idea, or it could make a positive difference for someone else. I just don't know.

I'm able and willing to see what happens...

To be added, this is my own personal art project. While I adore that my body is a sexual thing (and I do!), I also realize it is only a part of my human experience. I took these photos as an expression of my belief that Every~Body is Beautiful, it really all comes down to angles and context. I invite you to see the images from that viewpoint as well.

To learn more, please see my Every~Body is Beautiful Campaign page.

I'm also open to hearing your feedback on my BARE project. Please use the Connect Page to let your voice be heard.

In Humble Gratitude,

Aubrey Ixchel

Here is Me

Bare Naked and Open

Vulnerable to your Judgment, Criticism, and Disapproval

BAREing my Heart and Soul to You*

BAREing my Heart and Soul to You*

Vulnerable to your Likes, Fantasies, and Excitement


I am Unique and One of a Kind

Nature Makes No Copies

Nothing to Compare it to, but Give it a Try...

You will anyway


Here is me Bare Naked

Full of Shame and Ecstasy, Sweet and Sin

Nothing but Skin

Capable of causing both Pleasure and Pain

And Everything In Between


Here is me Bare Naked

The same skin I've been Living in since I slipped out Sopping Wet

Naked at Birth

The same Skin Encasing the Skeleton, Organs, Muscles, Nerves

I am the Thing...

Beating, Throbbing, Living


This is me asking You

Be Bare Naked Too?

Let me Ogle and Stare

Let me Celebrate and Congratulate You


You Are Alive Today!

 Bare Naked

First and Foremost

Always and Forever

Let's Be Alive Together


In Love*

Lady Rainbow