made of going away

This is it

I am a unique, individual mutation that is completely alone in it's experience

I want what I want

I do as I like

No explanations necessary

How could I even if I tried? 

A star seeded explosion, settled into being

An ever changing, one of a kind that is made of going away...

And guess what...?


So really, the only person to discover is yourself

This is really all about you

It always has been and always will

until it is not

     On until Off

Take A Good Look In The Mirror

I invite you to stand naked in front of the mirror and take a good long look

That there is you

No judgement is necessary


Standing there naked

Wide open and vulnerable

Inhale and take yourself In

This is it

Complete and awesome

Your unique self standing right In front of you

Invite the idea that there is nothing to change

You are happening live~unedited

And the good news, love?


*Aubrey Ixchel calls herself Lady Rainbow, faerie godmother because her favorite thing to do in life is to encourage others to see their magic within and celebrate being alive! She currently resides as queen of hippie hot springs resort, Mystic Hot Springs, in scenic central Utah with her human of choice, her 2 spawn, and their multitudes of animals. 

She is available for custom magic, photography journeys, one of a kind art and sounds, gatherings, and body mesmerism sessions.